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See here some of our Electrical capabilities

  • Power

    Building Power Distribution for Low and High Voltage Systems

  • Lighting

    Pioneers in Lighting Design, Photometric Analysis and LED Lighting Solutions

  • Green Energy

    Experienced in Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Systems

  • Generators

    Experts in Design of Emergency and 100% Standby Generators

See here some of our HVAC services

  • Air

    Design of Supply, Return and Exhaust Air Ducted Systems

  • Heating

    Experienced in Hydronic, Radiant and Forced-Air Heating Systems

  • Cooling

    Experts in Cooling, Humidification and Dehumidification solutions

  • Heat Transfer

    Pioneers in Energy-Recovery HVAC systems

See here some of our Plumbing services

  • Domestic Water

    Design of Domestic Hot and Cold Water Plumbing systems

  • Sanitary Plbg

    Knowledgeable in low-cost Sanitary, Condensate, and Roof Drainage systems

  • Natural Gas

    Experienced in Design of Natural-Gas and Propane systems 

  • Medical Gases

    Experts in Medical Gas Design including Oxygen, Medical-Air, Nitrogen and Vacuum systems

See here some of our Fire Sprinkler services

  • Fire Sprinklers

    Design of Dry and Wet Sprinkler systems

  • Fire Pump

    Experienced in Design of Fire Sprinkler systems requiring  Fire Pumps

  • Sprinkler Heads

    Sprinkler system Designs compliant with NFPA 13, NFPA 13R and NFPA 13D

  • Hydraulic Calcs

    Provide performance-spec Sprinkler Plans and Full Shop Drawings

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